Fatboy Ultra Clean Dry Shampoo Test Drive Size


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Ultra Clean Dry Shampoo Test Drive Size 1oz by Fatboy at #MMCSTYLE

This no-residue, Ultra Clean Dry Shampoo removes unwanted oils while refreshing your hair and extending your shampoo cycle.


Shake vigorously. Spray product between each section in a sweeping motion. Focusing on the roots. Wait 30 seconds for the product to settle and shake at the roots to activate.


When you want to feel clean, but don’t want to wash your hair. Get volume and lose the oil and grime.


Formulated with Oat Milk and Zeolite to cleanse, balance, and soften hair with a completely invisible finish and barely there feel. This combination also helps to eliminate dandruff while being gentle on the even the most sensitive scalps.


Don’t spray too close, at arm’s length is best, but we’re not quite done there. Now massage or brush the dry shampoo through the hair for the best results.


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