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1016 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703
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Stephanie Habeck Hairstylist at #MMCstyle Salon in Madison WI (2)


Stephanie Habeck Hairstylist at #MMCstyle Salon in Madison WI

Stephane Habeck is a licensed cosmetologist and hairstylist that has worked in the top salons and spas for 17 glorious years around Madison. Gaining experience from both corporate and private salons has allowed Stephanie to continue to learn and grow as a professional stylist.  She attributes her plethora of skills she's learned to her drive for keeping her professional and personal self truly one in the same...her empathy for others while listening with respect for your style mixed with her dedication to her craft allows Stephanie to flourish as an amazing hairstylist in her environment at #MMCstyle Salon.

Stephanie believes finding the right person for your hair may be a little like dating, the kind of dating you'd like to build a relationship on, you should know by the third date if it's a hook line and sinker.  That's not a reflection on her skills, but it doesn't hurt to fall in love with her...if you believe as she does, that "your best accessory is your hair/hairstyle, you may find yourself in a "hair relationship" with Stephanie Habeck you'll treasure for years!

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Stephanie Habeck

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