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Hairstylist & Blonding Specialist

Hannah Hair Stylist at #MMCstyle Salon in Downtown Madison WI

Being raised, and still living in Sun Prairie, WI, hair stylist Hannah Denning has a special connection to our community that gives her that extra special touch to connect with her clients at #MMCstyle Salon. Really making each and everyone feel special and excited to experience her hair AND makeup expertise which she has practiced and perfected all in the local beauty scene in which our salon lives. 

While Hannah has been in the professional beauty industry for a decade now, starting by studying at the Aveda Insitute in Madison, WI, Hannah has dedicated more than half of her life to practicing and perfecting her skills and experience of her beauty talents and growing her love for it all in the Madison area, where she has loved making people in her life feel amazing through those skills. Over the years Hannah has practiced all skills in hair, her mastery in blonding has her saught out by some of the most beautiful blonde do's we've seen yet, with gorgeous and well thought out cuts to match, and she has a passion for smoothing treatments to really get her clients the ultimate hair of their dreams. Her skill in all aspects of hair allow her to create the utmost unique, and tailored just to each individual client, look possible. Hannah does all of this, all while enjoying her love for connecting with each of her guests in her chair each and everyday she is in the salon.

Every client in Hannah's chair she sees as a new opportunity to connect and really create something new for someone that they and she will be proud of when walking out at the end of their appointment at #MMCstyle Salon in Madison!

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