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Mallory Cook - MMC Style is an Authorized Dealer Against Product Diversion

Mallory Cook - MMC Style is a 100% authorized retailer of all products on our site and in-store.

Authentic Products

When you purchase your hair care or hair styling products from Mallory Cook, you know you’re getting the real thing. Hair care or hair styling products sold by unauthorized retailers are often diluted, expired or counterfeit. For your personal health and well being, we recommend always purchasing your skin care products through authorized retailers an licensed hair stylists like Mallory Cook.

Anti-Diversion Policy

Nine out of ten consumers do not know what diversion is. But you probably have witnessed it. Diversion occurs when products are sold in “unauthorized” places. Genuine hair care products are sold only in authorized salons, spas or authorized salon related websites.

Why Diversion is Bad

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use.  Products carried at Mallory Cook - MMC Style carries products that advertise "Genuine Products Guaranteed Only in Salons." This means if you buy our products in a supermarket, drugstore or any other outlet other than an authorized salon, spa or authorized salon related website, the vendors cannot guarantee that it is an authentic product that will perform as tested.

Are Your in Danger

You could be. Contaminated or counterfeit products could cause irritation or even infection.

Who is Diverting Products?

Products are diverted by unauthorized distributors and salons or their employees, over-seas counterfeit imports, plus other dishonest individuals who see profit in piracy.

A Note From Mal

Customer satisfaction is my number 1 priority. I offer transparent reviews on products I carry and welcome questions, reviews or comments though my website, instant message, text, google, yelp, social media, email or by phone at 608-207-0794.

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