Hair Color Specialist Mallory Cook of MMC Style in Madison, WI is known for the trend setting hair color techniques she’s always working on. Now Mallory Cook has chosen Pulp Riot Hair Color – 16 semi-permanent fashion colors, blending, color melting, balayage, foilage, painting. Many Hair Artists like Mallory choose Pulp Riot.

Easy Hair Style Change For Men in 2019 - Mallory Cook #mmcstyle

Easy Hair Style Change For Men

2018 – 2019 Men’s Trending Hairstyles The past year men’s hairstyles followed a more natural, messy style, that has carried into 2019 as guys want the option of easier styling, while being able to be low maintenance as far as trips to the salon or barbershop.  What’s important to remember for men is guys like


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Mallory Cook Pulp Riot Hair Color Specialist in Madison, WI Pulp Riot sure has done what they came to do on the hair scene, they’ve caused a huge, positive, disruption to our industry.  They’ve taken what artists in the hair industry are doing and trying to create, and given them the best means to achieve


The New Shag Style by Mallory Cook This is not Kelso’s shag from the 70’s.  This is a modern take of a cut that’s finally turning the table on the so sought after blunt cut lob we’ve been looking at the past few years.  This new shag style is great for any hair density, thin


The Grown Out Pixie Cut Style by Mallory Cook This version of a pixie cut is an attainable style for anyone who has always toyed with the idea of a pixie haircut, but still wants some length to help it fit their face shape.  This pixie haircut is short on the sides and has different

Mallory Cook Blunt Bob Hair Style

The Blunt Jawline Bob Hair Style by Mallory Cook If you weren’t convinced to try one of the previous bob styles in past years, this 2019 version may be one you want to go for.  This blunt bob style is cut to hit around jawline, edgy and textured, when you tuck this behind an ear


The Curtain Bangs by Mallory Cook Brigitte Bardot inspired Curtain Bangs have been a sought after retro trend recently, and it is sticking around for 2019.  This is a style where if you’ve been considering bangs is a great place to start, not only are they totally modern, but extremely low maintenance & low commitment


Long, Wispy Layers Hair Style by Mallory Cook Ready to grow out or transition from that blunt, non-layered haircut from last year?  This is the style change you need.  Cutting in long layers is an easy way to soften your hair, and add some framing and shape around your face to switch it up.  Cutting

Mallory Cook Bob With Bangs 2019

Bob With Bangs Style by Mallory Cook Still loving your bob haircut, but desiring it to feel new again?  Have your stylist cut you some bangs!  Changing the framing around your face in a haircut elevates and modernizes your haircut instantly. Keep in mind where you part your hair and if you have cowlicks around