Pulp Riot Bangkok Color Safe Shampoo 10oz


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Pulp Riot Bangkok Color Safe Shampoo 10oz

Quinoa for Strength
Anti-Frizz Formula
UV Protection | Sulfate-Free
Protects Hair from Color Fading
Vitamin B & E Provides Shine and Antioxidant Properties

How do I use Pulp Riot Bangkok Shampoo?

Apply to wet hair, work into a lather at the roots and let rinse over the rest of the hair. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with Tokyo Color Protecting Conditioner.

What does it do?

Bangkok Color-Safe Shampoo is a luxury shampoo designed to make your haircolor last longer.

Does Pulp Riot Bangkok Shampoo contain sulfates or ingredients that dry the hair out?

No. Bangkok is sulfate-free and hydrating to the hair with a luxurious lather that’s gentle enough to use every day.

Is Pulp Riot Bangkok Shampoo safe for all hair types?

Yes. It’s safe for all hair types.

Is Pulp Riot Bangkok Shampoo vegan?

Yes. Bangkok Shampoo is vegan and Pulp Riot products are never tested on animals.

What else do I need to know about Pulp Riot Bangkok Shampoo?

Pulp Riot Bangkok Color-Safe Shampoo protects from UV Rays and contains key ingredients like quinoa, which is a gluten-free seed that contributes to visibly stronger hair strands through protein and moisture. Pulp Riot Bangkok Shampoo also maintains color radiance and vibrancy holding hair color longer.
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