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Pulp Riot Tokyo Color Protection Conditioner 10oz

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Pulp Riot Tokyo Color Safe Conditioner 10oz

Quinoa for Strength

UV Protection | Sulfate-Free

Lightweight and Detangles

Protects Hair from Color Fading

Botanicals and Vitamins B-5, A, C & E to Repair, Condition and Protect Hair

How do I use Tokyo Conditioner?

After using Bangkok Color-Safe Shampoo or Barcelona Toning Shampoo, apply a liberal amount form the middle of hair to ends. Rinse thoroughly and style.

What does it do?

Pulp Riot Tokyo Color Protecting Conditioner is designed to make your hair color last longer.

Does Pulp Riot Tokyo Conditioner contain sulfates or dry the hair out?

No. It’s sulfate-free, lightweight, moisturizing, detangling and adds shine to the hair.

Is Pulp Riot Tokyo Conditioner safe for all hair types?

Yes. It’s safe for all hair types.

Is Pulp Riot Tokyo Conditioner a treatment conditioner?

No. Tokyo Conditioner is safe to use daily and for all hair types.

Is Pulp Riot Tokyo Conditioner vegan?

Yes. Tokyo Conditioner is vegan a

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Pulp Riot Tokyo 10.1oz, Tokyo Liter


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