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Hair Color Specialist Mallory Cook of #MMCstyle Salon in Madison, WI is known for the trend setting hair color techniques she’s always working on. Now Mallory Cook has chosen Pulp Riot Hair Color – 16 semi-permanent fashion colors, blending, color melting, balayage, foilage, painting. Many Hair Artists like Mallory choose Pulp Riot.

Opening Soon MMCstyle Salon Getting Painted - Gift Card Sale (Featured Image)

#MMCstyle Salon – New Location – @ 1016 E Washington Ave – OPENING SOON #MMCstyle Misters – Madams – Color – Salon, is staying open and doubling down on safety and sanitation practices.  All Madison salons, whether they’re closing or staying open, are under tremendous financial stress right now. Many closed shops are raising money

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#MMCstyle Salon Shagged LOB Hairstyle 2

Lately it seems we all about the shag!  Shagged LOB haircut that is! First of all let me say, the LOB haircut became SO popular, because the younger generations associate a “bob” as a “mom cut” or as someone who is “older.”  But lets be real, a lob haircut is a version of a “classic”

Pulp Riot’s new NeoPop Collection is our new superhero here at #MMCstyle Salon The NeoPop Collection is a 4 shade semi-permanent collection inspired by the bold, beautiful colors of comic books and pop art. A super blue, mermaid light teal, true orange, and a bold, bright sunflower yellow complete this collection. The New Neo Pop

2019 was an amazing year… but 2020’s going to be even better. Pulp Riot’s always evolving.  

Mallory Cook #MMCSTYLE Pureology Hair Care Products Madison

Pureology Hair Care and Style Products at #MMCSTYLE Salon At #MMCSTYLE we really focus on the right style for your lifestyle, included in this is the correct product regime, which includes Pureology.  We don’t just pick up our favorite looking, pretty, new product off the shelf.  We choose our products based on experience, science, and

Holiday Hairstyles 2019 by Mallory Cook at Hair Salon #MMCSTYLE

Holiday Hairstyle Ideas by Mallory Cook of #MMCSTYLE Winter can be the cheeriest time of the year with magical winter weddings, festive holiday parties, glitzy New Years Eve parties, and everything fun and exciting in between!  It’s time to switch up how we wear our hair, it’s the gloomiest time of the year, time to

Keep Clients Coming Back #MMCSTYLE Mallory Cook

A life of a career hairstylist can be a rewarding, and beautiful one!  The one thing that makes this possible, and is not a painful feat, is retaining clients through the years.  This allows a stylist to be consistently busy, while building meaningful relationships, and receive plenty of referrals from their clients who know them. 

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Faction8 Permanent Hair Color by Pulp Riot at #MMCSTYLE Up until about a year ago I was always a Redken hair color girl, it’s what I trained on and knew very well, which always gave me confidence. In November of 2018, I switched the salon I was working with. I left for a new opportunity


Lower Classic Hairstyles – Mallory Cook at #MMCSTYLE For the year of 2019, carrying into the fall/winter time I’ve noticed a ton of different kinds of formal styles, even translated into everyday hair styles being a lower hairstyle.  Whether that be a low ponytail, bun, or easy twisted style, a low style seems to automatically


Let’s discuss the pros and cons of semi-permanent colored shampoos and conditioners Fashion colored hair is all the rage right now, and using an at home semi-permanent shampoo or conditioner packed with your pick of fun color pigment may seem like an easy way to achieve a new look; not all home methods may be


Fall Hairstyles with Mallory Cook at #MMCSTYLE Looking to try something new with your hair do to change with the season, but not looking to do any drastic haircut or hair color change?  You’re in luck!  This falls hottest hairstyle trends are easy to accomplish with a simple addition of a hair accessory, slightly different


Dear bride-to-be: First of all congrats!  Take a moment to remember how excited you were the day you were proposed to, smile, breathe deep!  Focus on that positive, beyond ecstatic feelings you had in those moments whenever the planning process gets tough!  While a wedding is a major milestone in ones life, so should the


Supreme Salon Convenience – Online Booking Although the benefits of booking online are evident to my clients, many salons remain dedicated to a phone booking system (auto or non) that takes the customer more time, involves more staff members and can unfortunately lead a larger margin of error. Our clients have evolved, shouldn’t our customer

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Men’s color, haircut and style by Mallory Cook of MMC Style in Madison, WI A lot of men hear about their female friends or significant others going to spend a good chunk of time at the salon for color services, but it doesn’t even cross their mind that men’s hair color could be a type


A couple simple ways you can add some “style” to your “hairstyle” I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with the overabundance of hair accessories/hair bling I’ve been seeing all over my Instagram and Pinterest feeds in all kinds of hair styles right now! From every occasion, every hair style hair accessories across

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