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Hair Color Specialist Mallory Cook of #MMCstyle Salon in Madison, WI is known for the trend setting hair color techniques she’s always working on. Now Mallory Cook has chosen Pulp Riot Hair Color – 16 semi-permanent fashion colors, blending, color melting, balayage, foilage, painting. Many Hair Artists like Mallory choose Pulp Riot.


2019 Hair Product Spotlight by Mallory Cook of MMC Style Discover Pulp Riot’s new launches and best sellers right here in Madison, WI.  In the interest of full disclosure, I do sell professional hair color, hair care, and hair styling products here on my website. In continuation to a previous post all about Pulp Riot


The hair trim “sticker-shock” haircut price Have you ever booked, or asked your hair stylist for “just a trim,” and had sticker shock when in the end the cost is your usual haircut price?  I’d like to put you at ease that if you are going to a hair stylist you trust, you are not


Your blonde hair has options with color and style Contrary to what most people think, the biggest thing that differentiates one blonde from the next is not always the amount of highlights put into the hair, but the amount of blank space left in between, lowlights added in, toners, and shadow roots.  Blondes have become


What should you expect when walking into a Salon? In the salon industry, even in small metro areas there is a salon, salon and spa, salon suites, etc on every corner.  Because of this, clients have come to expect much more of the “VIP” or  “ME DAY” salon experience over just receiving the service alone. 


Madison Hair Stylist Mallory Cook Explains Balayage & More We’ve been seeing a lot of these fancy sounding words used to describe hair color for a while now.  If you’ve ever gone to handy dandy Pinterest to try to figure out the difference, you’ve probably seen a lot of the same pictures pop up for


One of my most consistent, favorite go to hair product lines for hair care has been Pureology.  I love that the whole Pureology line focuses on colour care and hair protection.  Specifically, Pureology Smooth Perfection has been the answer to my client’s and I’s issue with hair fuzziness!  Not only does it make styling hair

Brazilian Blowout: The Original

To my Midwest women and men that love your hair all winter long because the dry air doesn’t trigger your frizz.  Then come spring the second a bit of moisture and heat hits the air you don’t even want to style your hair, all you can do is tie it back, cover it with a


Salon loyalty programs are great for your clients Getting awards for dollars spent is a way to thank your clients for their continual business known as a loyalty program.  You can pay those rewards back to them in creative ways.  Offering a free add on service, such as an eyebrow wax or hair conditioning treatment,

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Product Spotlight Pulp Riot Munich - Pulp Riot Toronto - MMC Style

2019 Hair Product Spotlight by Mallory Cook of MMC Style Discover Pulp Riot’s new launches and best sellers right here in Madison, WI.  In the interest of full disclosure, I do sell professional hair color, hair care, and hair styling products here on my website.  I picked a duo of products by 2019’s hottest new


The Undercut: For Men by Mallory Cook – Hair Stylist Men’s undercuts have been a trend for a long time, they’ve come from a style that was a very much so DIY (do it yourself) kind of style that was clip up the hair you wanted up top, shave everything down underneath, and slick back

Easy Hair Style Change For Men in 2019 - Mallory Cook #mmcstyle

Easy Hair Style Change For Men

2018 – 2019 Men’s Trending Hairstyles The past year men’s hairstyles followed a more natural, messy style, that has carried into 2019 as guys want the option of easier styling, while being able to be low maintenance as far as trips to the salon or barbershop.  What’s important to remember for men is guys like


If you have not heard of product diversion, you’re not alone and this may be a scary truth for you, so I am here to inform you. What is Diversion: The definition of diversion from Merriam-Webster is, “the act or an instance of diverting or straying from a course, activity, or use.”  Applying this term

Mallory Cook Pulp Riot Hair Color Specialist in Madison, WI Pulp Riot sure has done what they came to do on the hair scene, they’ve caused a huge, positive, disruption to our industry.  They’ve taken what artists in the hair industry are doing and trying to create, and given them the best means to achieve


The New Shag Style by Mallory Cook This is not Kelso’s shag from the 70’s.  This is a modern take of a cut that’s finally turning the table on the so sought after blunt cut lob we’ve been looking at the past few years.  This new shag style is great for any hair density, thin


The Grown Out Pixie Cut Style by Mallory Cook This version of a pixie cut is an attainable style for anyone who has always toyed with the idea of a pixie haircut, but still wants some length to help it fit their face shape.  This pixie haircut is short on the sides and has different

Trending Hair Style News for Madison - Mallory Cook #mmcstyle